The Easiest Way to Make $200 Per Day Online. Newbie Friendly Method to Earn 200 Dollars a Day using the dead-simple method in 2021.

How to Make $200 per Day Online – Earn 200 Dollars a Day

Dear Friends!

Before I start, please read and understand the quote below:

make $200 per day online

I am writing this post to let you know, that you can easily make money online, even if you are a total newbie or beginner. Just follow the simple method below to get started and change your life.

Here are what you will need to make $200 per day with this method, see below:

Niche (Topic)

In order to make this method successful, you need to choose already working topic. And this niche is viral videos and photos. I am sure, you many times saw trending posts on your social media accounts. And even liked, shared those posts with your friends. Here are some examples:

Domain and Hosting (Website)

Free website builders don't work for this. You need to get a brandable, easy-to-remember TLD, preferable .com domain name for your viral niche website. Based on my 10+ years of experience, I recommend the following three hosting providers below, choose shared hosting if you are on a low budget. (free .com domain) (free .com domain) (free domain)

After getting your domain name and hosting, just head over to your hosting cPanel and install WordPress.

WordPress Themes

Again, not all WordPress themes can be used with this niche. Your website needs custom viral magazine-style themes, as I listed below. Once you get the theme, go to your WordPress admin panel, install, and activate the theme.

1.King Theme

2.Bimber Theme

3.BoomBox Theme

Content (Videos and Photos)

Once, your website is ready, you just need to fill up your site with viral videos and photos. This is the simplest part of this method, but it requires some time to select the most viral content. Below is the list of platforms where you can take viral videos and photos. Just collect 20-30 media (mainly videos) to make your website live. Afterward, monitor those pages daily to be the first to share viral content.

1.Facebook Watch Page

2.Instagram Explore Page

3.TikTok For Your Page

4.Twitter Explore Page

5.Reddit Top

6.Imgur Trends

7.Youtube Trending

8.Pinterest Trends

9.Snapchat Stories

10.Tumblr Trends

9.Telegram Channels

11.WhatsApp Groups

Ads account (PropellerAds) – You can join this advertising network right away via this link. And your application will be auto-approved. As soon as you registered, add your site. And then install PropellerAds official WordPress plugin here. Activate the plugin, authorize your PropellerAds account and make your ads go live on your site. This is it.

make $200 a day online

How to Get Traffic (Social Media)

This is the most important part of the method. Because without good initial traffic you won't make $200 a day. But if your traffic gets viral, making 200 dollars per day will be much easier. Please, read and implement the steps below to get traffic to your website.

1.Go and create a Facebook page related to your website. For example, Viral Videos, Funny Videos and Pics, and so on.

2.Create an Instagram profile for your website.

3.Create Tiktok profile

4.Create a Twitter profile

5.Create a Reddit subreddit

6.Create an Imgur profile

Those above are enough to get initial traffic for your viral site. Afterward, your posts will get viral. Continue reading below.

Remember the videos you downloaded and saved before? Now, it is time to upload these videos back to your own social media accounts as well. But, before uploading, watermark all of your media with your website name. Also, on every post put in your link with hashtags where appropriate. At first, share as many posts as you can, up to 20 per social media account. By doing so, you will have more traffic to your website. Check the free tools below that will help you. – This tool will help you to generate hashtags. – you can do so many things with this tool. I mainly use this to watermark and change media dimensions for each social media account. – with this tool you can bulk schedule your posts on social media profiles.

If you have any difficulties or questions, feel free to comment below.

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